At Sagaci Research we are looking for a SysAdmin to manage our IT infrastructure. You will be working directly with the CTO and responsible for the overall IT infrastructure.

Your Tasks you will include the following:

  • Install and maintain servers (web, databases, network, dns, certificates, …)
  • Infrastructure monitoring
  • Improve current backups strategy
  • Prepare contingency plans
  • Implement CI/CD
  • Implement security policies
  • Data Transformation (ETLs)
  • Manage incidents

Skills required/desired

  • Google Cloud (Compute Engine, BigQuery, Cloud Storage, Data Fusion, …)
  • Linux Administration (Ubuntu)
  • Docker
  • Oracle
  • Apache/Nginx
  • NodeJs
  • Github Actions
  • Python
  • SQL

We offer the following conditions and benefits

  • A fixed contract
  • Hybrid work
  • An international work environment

About Sagaci Research and the role of the IT infrastructure team

Sagaci Research is the leading market research firm for African emerging markets.

We collect, process and transform data into business insights through a variety of channels, including our proprietary data collection capabilities with a user community with over 500k members across Africa, contributing daily with vast amounts of data.

In terms of organization, we have data product teams and the IT infrastructure team which you will be working with.